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The hair is virgin and of RAW HAIR quality. This is the highest quality hair on the market.

Human Hair

Density: 150 %.

Longueur Cheveux

Headband Wigs are the big trend at the end of the year. 

It features a headband that is integrated to the wig that has just been attached at the back with velcro and hooked at the front with combs located at the front of the wig. ( under the cap)

All you'll need to do is perfectly discipline your hair at the front with the Beyond Hair Balm and Wax, tie or braid your hair, and then put on your wig. 

The hair is virgin and RAW HAIR quality. This is the highest quality hair on the market.

How to take care of it?

Very simply! Me Raïssa, creator of the Brand Beyond Hair, I recommend you to simply promote a daily detangling starting from the tips. As far as hydration is concerned, favour moisturizing creams such as "ULTRA GENTLE" from Garnier. When washing the wig, favor detangling creams and mild conditioners rather than shampoos in themselves. This is called a CO-WASH. How to do it? I'll give you a little tip that works every time and every time!

1. Heat some water (not boiling).

2. Soak your Wig in conditioner or conditioner.

3. Wrap your Wig in Cellophane in a hermetic way and then plunge it into warm water for 30 Min.

4. Finally, take the Wig out of the water, unpack it, and then do the same as you would do with a regular shampoo. Of course, be delicate so as not to damage your Wig.

5. Finally Dry it as you wish, in the open air or with a hair dryer, it's up to you! As far as styling is concerned, I strongly recommend that you use the BEYOND HAIR products specially designed to meet the needs of BEYOND HAIR hair. This is the best way to make your wig profitable in the long term.

Below you will find the Finishing Balm that will allow you to discipline your own hair and that of the wig at the front. Next you will find the EDGE CONTROL. It will allow you to give your own and the wig's hair a hold and discipline. It is perfect to realize your baby Hair. Finally, for all curly textures, you must absolutely use the BEYOND HAIR Mousse to draw your curls and keep them in shape.

Little trick, you can add a band of different colors over the integrated headband of the wig. This way, you can match the colors of your hair with your favorite clothes.


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