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Beyond Hair is a high-end hair brand created in Guadeloupe by Raïssa MOUTOUSSAMY. Taking affection for the hair, she made it her profession. Today her brand is recognized and solicited by the hairdressers of the biggest hairdressers Celebrities as TYM WALLACE , hairdresser of Taraji Phenson ( Cookie Lyon, Series Empire), TOKYO STYLEZ Hairdresser of Cardi B and Kylie Jenner and many others more... Feel free to visit our Instagram page.



It has been designed to meet the demand of an specific clientele: women in a hurry, who are in a hurry, who need to crown themselves quickly every morning of a bold hair ornament, in order to approach their days with charisma!

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Faster than a Wig You say ? Discover the new Beyond Hair caps. They are made with braids, vanilla, Havana Twist, in different colors !

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Badass !!!

Glasses by Raïssa M.

Hair, Nails and That's it? No... We are women with character. Our magnificent crowns of hair as well as our sumptuous sets of nails at the tip of our fingers, could not be magnified without a bold pair of glasses. A pinch of Class and a touch of Provocative, that gives the New Sunglasses Collection '' BADASS Always by Raissa M. '' We are Wonder Women, we are recognized first by our looks.

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